Timing the Events with the HL440

With the HL440 the Waiheke Mountain Bike Club has got great timing! real time so when you get of your bike you can see your time you just did.

The Minitimer HL 440 is a professional timing system with 4 inputs using the same « high technology » as our Chronoprinter 540. It is an essential general-purpose timer for many applications. The HL 440 is a very high precision “time base”, ideal to communicate bi-directionally with a computer. With the integrated matrix LCD display the

user is able to view all data’s and information. The Minitimer can be connected to our Martel HL 200 printer to enable the printing of all sequential timing information. Thanks to the integrated keyboard, the HL 440 can be used at the start line of a race (Ski) as a numerical-keyboard to identify the competitor’s number, which will be transmitted to the timekeeper with the complete timing information (PC or Printer). It is also useful for events which do not necessarily require log printing of times (such as Jumping) and is also useful as a backup timer. The Minitimer can be connected to a second system or to a Chronoprinter 540 to provide up to 8 input channels.

We use Display Circuit Pro for the Live Results live on any tv or projector!