Round Rangihoua Challenge 2012

Round Rangihoua Challenge 2012 Poster
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This year’s Round Rangihoua 4 Hr Challenge is coming up! Time to gather your team mates and register before 1st December 2012.

Race starts 11.30am go an register now!

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Order of event

6th Annual Round Rangihoua 4 Hour Challenge – 1st December 2012

Race classes selection.

All classes come in Junior (up to 18yo), Open (19 – 40), and Masters (41+)

  • Men’s Team (teams of 2-4 riders)
  • Women’s Team (teams of 2-4 riders)
  • Mixed Team (teams of 2-5 riders, minimum 1 female)
  • Solo Man
  • Solo Woman
  • Single Speed

Entry fee is $30 per rider Click here to register, on the day registrations $40:

  • Teams – team site

Race Track

  • Distance 4.2km
  • Climb 1.8km
  • Downhill 2.4km
  • Vertical Climb 105m
  • Vertical Incline slope 19*
  • Vertical decline slope 17*
Round Rangihoua 4Hr Challenge 4.2km

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